Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Fuckin pride. O_O

Always been the challenge for me. Not even a good pride like the one you feel after accomplishing something. COnquering something. No.  The one where i believe i am just too damn good for anything. anyone. Ive lost a lot of the fire i had a couple of weeks ago. stuff has dragged on as far as projects are concerned. i need a win bad. Just gotta chill and forget about time, stress, work. Its taken me a decade to figure it out but being an artist is largely about being alone. Do i want that? DOes it have to be that way?

Rant off.

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  1. It is very much so about being alone, as that is where a lot of the work is needed to be done, of course there are ways to alleviate this, find a studio to share with a couple friends, work outside of the house for certain periods of they day OR just get out and do fun things away from the studio whenever possible, to help recharge you for those long days back in the studio. It can be a lonesome, solitary life and unfortunately you have to be proactive in solving those problems.